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About Me


Luca Russo

He began studying piano with Marco Aceti, and then he completed his musical training at Milan “G.Verdi” conservatory studying transverse flute (graduation in 1992) under different teachers including Silvia Tuja, Gabriele Gallotta, Francesco Maresca and Maurizio Saletti; orchestra conducting (graduation in 2002) under Daniele Agiman; choral music and choir conducting under Domenico Zingaro; composition (graduation in 2003 with maximum marks) under Elisabetta Brusa, Giuseppe Colardo and Sonia Bo; and music didactics (once more highest grade).

There then followed postgraduate courses for flute in Nice under Raymond Guiot, and in Sermoneta and Biella under Peter-Lukas Graf (maximum marks once again); he also participated in several competitions (among which he gained a noteworthy first place in the International Competition of Ispra in 1994 and a second place in the International Composing Competition “Città di Varese” in 2004).

The encounter with the guitarist Livio Gianola served as an introduction into the world of flamenco, subsequently leading to performances in some of the world’s most prestigious theatres from Spain to Japan, in partnership with leading dancers in the field (Antonio Canales, Rafael Amargo, Lola Greco).

His collaboration with Stefano Parrino and the Albatros Ensemble led to his compositions being performed in major concert halls around the globe, from South America to Russia and China.

In 2007 he published “Six Studies on circular breathing” and “Sonatina” for flute and piano (ed. Sinfonica), and he cooperated with Silvia Tuja e Mariateresa Lietti in “Read and Improvise” (series Siem – ed. Carish).

Since 2002 he is permanent conductor of the Cantù Youth Orchestra, besides having conducted the Bacau Filarmonic Orchestra, the Lario Sinfonic Orchestra and the Sinfolario Orchestra (now called Como Lake Philarmonic Orchestra).

For several years he has been studying the bansuri and indian music, beginning with Lorenzo Squillari, attending courses in “Extraeuropean musical traditions the indological branch” at Vicenza’s conservatory, as well as studying Ragas under Nicolò Melocchi and travelling to India to attend courses given by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia in Mumbai and Bhubaneswar.